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Instantly Discover Hundreds of Remarkable Black History People for Your Special Projects Designed to Salute Black History Month

Black History People for Black History Projects Do you need to know the names of some of the most interesting men and women who form the foundation of what we now call Black History?

Shaquayla asked "Can you list all the black history people for me right now please."

Amanda put in this request: "what are some names of African Americans in history who have changed the world?"

Lucille said "I want to know if you could send me a black history person name that is really good for my black history project."

Ja'quin emailed to say "I need help in finding more black history people."

We receive a non-stop avalanche of real requests from individuals just like you looking for help year after year. In response to our number one comment/question, I've created a resource that you can grab right now to assist in your search for interesting black history people.

No, we won't do all the research for you, but by downloading Black History People for Black History Projects, you'll have hundreds of names at your finger tips to further explore.

"What are the names of the people we honor on black history month?"


"I'm looking for African American women"


"Show me all the black history people"


Kim, Vivian and Nyasia are not alone in their urgent appeal to find a well thought out reference list of black history people. Jerry wasn't shy either when he reached out with the following email...

"Please send the names of some black heroes, like 40 or so, thank you"


You've asked, we've listened, so we're introducing our latest tool: Black History People for Black History Projects. BHP for BHP joins the family of Empower Encyclopedia (new version coming in 2010), Empower Encyclopedia Legends, QuikHistory, and our Empower Encyclopedia Salute to Black History DVD.

We grant you a license to share Black History People for Black History Projects with your friends, but you may not want to, as you'll have an edge over everyone else looking for more interesting folk than just the famous household names most people know.

You'll need Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, or 98. There's absolutely no charge (and we mean it), so Enjoy!

Download Black History People for Black History Projects (just 305K file size) right now!


Hugh Smith,


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