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Discover How 26 Remarkable Pioneers Challenged Convention, Commanded Attention, Created Success, and Captured Respect when you Watch their Amazing Stories "come alive" in the Empower Encyclopedia Salute to Black History DVD...Guaranteed!

Empower Encyclopedia salute to Black History DVD Do you know about some of the most interesting men and women who form the foundation of what we now call African American history?

You might be familiar with a few of the personalities. Every February, a handful of predictable names pop-up. However, the deeper you dive into black history, the more you discover new individuals with inspiring tales of triumph over tough times.

Take Charles H. Houston for example. He's the constitutional genius responsible for mentoring the men and women who would redefine civil rights law before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Perhaps you are more familiar with Ella Fitzgerald, Marian Anderson, Diana Ross, and what these three ladies share in common.

Even if you know these stories, how can you pick up on other powerful people of color who have made valuable efforts benefiting humankind?

Reading about history takes time. You may not have unlimited hours to plow through a stack of books. Listening to an audio book might be pleasurable, as long as you have the ability to master the technology.

I'm sure you'll agree that watching a black history presentation on DVD is the most enjoyable way to increase your knowledge while relaxing in front of the television, DVD, or computer screen.

The Empower Encyclopedia Salute to Black History DVD condenses the winning highlights of 26 African American pioneers into a wonderful exhibition of admirable stories guaranteed to touch your soul.

"An excellent educational piece depicting an array of African American pioneers. You will be engaged by the fascinating collection of photos, drawings, and videos, Hugh Smith used to capture our spirit. A delightful addition for all Black History enthusiastsí."

Portia George
Author of Gifts of Our People: An Alphabet of African American History
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Hugh Smith has put together an exciting, and important array of black Americans who have educated, entertained, inspired, and informed us how to live in a nation of peace, and how maximum potential is possible for all of us."

Myrna B. Shure, Ph.D
Professor, Drexel University and author, Raising a Thinking Child
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The stories in this DVD come directly from the pages of Empower Encyclopedia CD-ROM, the black history resource that features over 250 African American achievers. You'll discover the following folks in the Empower Encyclopedia Salute to Black History DVD.

  1. Langston Hughes
  2. Marian Anderson
  3. Thomas Bradley
  4. Dr. Ralph J. Bunche
  5. Coretta Scott King
  6. Frederick Douglass
  7. Dr. Charles Drew
  8. Sammy Davis Jr.
  9. Shirley Chisholm
  10. Jesse Owens
  11. James Meredith
  12. Ella Fitzgerald
  13. William H. Hastie
  14. Richard Wright
  15. Malcolm X
  16. Diana Ross
  17. Charles H. Houston
  18. A. Philip Randolph
  19. Andrew Young
  20. Barbara Jordan
  21. Ronald Dellums
  22. Bo Diddley
  23. Rosa Parks
  24. Duke Ellington
  25. Lena Horne
  26. Joe Louis

"Empower Encyclopedia Salute to Black History DVD, was such an awesome attribute to our 2nd Black History Program. The salute was very well put together to show the achievements and accomplishments of African Americans throughout history. We were so impressed, we look forward to other products in the near future!"

M. McDonald
Juvenile Justice Center
French Camp, California

"Empower Encyclopedia's Salute to Black History DVD is a welcome addition to the study of Black History. Hugh Smith has created a learning tool that is bound to capture the attention of children and adults alike."

"The narration and sound track are informative, soothing, crisp and clear. The added bonus of seeing historical figures in live action and hearing their voices, gives the DVD a sense of immediacy and familiarity."

Dorothy Ferebee
Author, How To Create Your Own African American Library

We are sure you'll enjoy the Empower Encyclopedia Salute to Black History DVD. Order right now using our secure server, even if it's 2 o'clock in the morning, and we'll send you this DVD packed with 26 inspiring black history stories for only $17.95 including FREE shipping.

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Salute to Black History DVD

Here is my 100% Guarantee. The Empower Encyclopedia Salute to Black History DVD is in stock and will be shipped to you immediately. If your eyes aren't opened by the fantastic stories on the DVD and you don't gain additional insight into African American history, just ask for your money back - you'll get it with no questions asked.


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