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  • How Do I download the Black History People Toolbar, or QuikHistory365?

    "Right mouse click" on the "Click here to download the Black History People Toolbar" link on the Black History Toolbar information page, or the download links on the QuikHistory365 pages.

    You'll see a menu like this open up:

    Right Click to download QuikHistory365 from Black History People

    In Internet Explorer, Choose "Save Target As..." and download the file to your desktop (in Netscape choose "Save Link As...").

    Once you select "save target as" or "save link as," a download screen will open up asking you where you would like to save the file on your computer.

    Save As to download QuikHistory365 from Black History People

    You should save the file to your "Desktop," or to another folder you can easily find. Once you have dowloaded the file, go to your desktop, (or the folder you selected to save the file in), and double click the file. This will launch our installation program.

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  • I downloaded and installed the Black History People Toolbar. Where is the toolbar?

    From Internet Explorer, click View, Toolbars, and select the Black History People Toolbar.

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  • I want to completely uninstall the toolbar. How do I do it?

    From your Control Panel, select Add/Remove programs. Select Black History People Toolbar. Click add/remove. After selecting yes, the toolbar will be completely removed from your PC.

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  • Is my Internet web surfing tracked in The Black History People Toolbar?

    No way. The Black History People Toolbar does not track your web surfing. The Black History Toolbar does not contain any adware, spyware, or affiliate links.

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