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  • What's the difference between QuikHistory365 and QuikHistory?

    Both programs contain a black history fact for each day of the year that you can read on screen or print out.

    • QuikHistory365 is our advanced version, with sophisticated search, and multi-media speech. You can listen to the black history highlights of each month. You must have Internet Explorer 5.0+ installed on your computer to use QuikHistory365. Download the free evaluation version of QuikHistory365. Try it out.

    • QuikHistory, our original version, was designed to run on all versions of Windows (3.1 and above) without the need for Internet Explorer. With this version, you can print out the entire list in one multi-page document.

    See the comparison chart on the QuikHistory365 information page for the complete list of differences.

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  • When was QuikHistory365 and QuikHistory introduced?

    QuikHistory365 was introduced in 2005. QuikHistory was introduced in 2000. Both versions were updated in 2005.

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