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January 30: First African American petition to Congress.

From: Hugh Smith

Dear Friend:

Take a look at the interesting item above. There's a wealth of information about surprising black history events that take place every day of the year. Outside of February, you may not think about these significant contributions very often.

If it's out of sight, it's out of mind. You could wait another 11 months until February roles around when Black History Month is celebrated. Maybe then, a newspaper, magazine, website, or blog will devote some editorial space to slip in a few black history items. Have you asked yourself why these editors neglect diversity the rest of the year?

Wouldn't it be great not only to discover the details about significant black history facts on a daily basis, but also to hear an audio synopsis of each month's highlights?

QuikHistory 365 Back in 1999, I created an electronic database jam packed with a specific black history event for every day of the year. It proved to be one of our most popular software packages.

Finally, a resource was available to present interesting daily history highlights in an extremely easy to use date book. The concept worked well then, and it continues to work well today. We updated QuikHistory in 2005 to create QuikHistory365.

QuikHistory365 gives you an interesting daily black history fact with audio highlights you can hear for each month.


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QuikHistory365 (Windows version) for laptops, tablets, and desktops is available for immediate download (small file: just 778 KB). Try it out right now for free to verify it runs on your computer. Then, for about the price of a CD, you can obtain a registered version of the software for only $14.95. Receive instant delivery via electronic download.

You'll be very happy with QuikHistory365, that's why I'm offering you a 90 day, 100%, no hassles, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Order QuikHistory365 using our 100% secure server. For a planning calendar of black history events, you can't go wrong with QuikHistory365.


Hugh Smith
Quikthinking Software


When I sold software at various computer shows in the North East USA between 1991 - 1997, show after show, from Dayton, Ohio, to Baltimore, Maryland, to Boston, New York City, Washington DC, and Philadelphia, people literally begged me to create a product like QuikHistory, so I did.

I ask you, how many sophisticated black history software products like QuikHistory365 do your have in your library?

For a daily 365 day diary of important and memorable black history events, Click here to claim your copy of QuikHistory365.


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